Gary Joseph LeBlanc
Gary Joseph LeBlanc's Fundraiser


Join me and help make a difference, please give today.

$25 towards $1,000

After caring for both parents, my dad with Alzheimer’s and my mom with vascular dementia: I truly know how hard it is to get even the smallest of a break while caregiving.

For someone that doesn’t understand what caregiving is all about, let me tell you, it’s all about sacrifices. What one has to give up or put on hold, is something that unless you’ve been there, you may not completely understand.

I have chosen Pink Floyd’s song “Wish You Were Here,” because not only do I miss my loved ones, but I would do the whole 20-year campaign all over again, if needed.

Please help the Dementia Spotlight Foundation and myself raise money for Free Respite Care for those family caregivers in need. We need to give these folks a break. It is vital!

I also encourage you to pick your own song and start a campaign. Not only will you be helping spread dementia awareness, you’ll be supporting such a great cause. Thank you!