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When my beloved father Daniel Bauer was dying of Alzheimer's disease, he lost so many of his abilities. He couldn't sit up, couldn't feed himself, couldn't read, watch TV or even talk. The only blessing of this hideous disease is that he had no idea of his own lack of quality of life. He literally just lay there, for almost a year. The pain of watching this was excruciating. His love of music never left him though, and when with him I would play and sing songs that I knew he loved. He would always respond with a smile or gesture that made me know he was still in there somewhere. On his final day on earth, I had a little time alone with him and decided to sing the Elton John song "Daniel" to him, changing the words slightly to make it more personal to our relationship. I held his hands, smiled through the tears, and sang it as strongly as I could. His mouth began to move, and he very clearly but silently said "I love you". I told him I loved him too, and that it was okay to go and be with those beautiful angels that he had been reaching up to from his bed for several days. A few hours later, he was gone. The understanding that he was able to convey to me made my pain at losing him bearable. Since that day over 7 years ago, I sob every time I hear the beautiful strains of "Daniel" as I remember this wonderful father who I was blessed to call dad.