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Hey hey! Cassidy here, founder and creator of the Caregivers Hub Support Group on FB. I'm a certified nurses aide of 16 years and Certified End Of Life Doula. It's been my mission for most of my career to advocate for those I care for and their families...because wether you are a professional caregiver or a family caregiver, advocating for those you are caring for is essential.

Along my journey as a nurses aide, I found myself an activities and restorative aide in a locked memory care unit. Those afflicted with Dementia related diseases, touched my heart. Caring for those with these diseases taught me the foundation of treating every patient as the human beings they are. And that every stage compassionate, respectful, dignified care is essential and achievable.

Currently working in outpatient hospice, I see the need for education in the facilities that serve our communities. As well as, and especially, the families in our communities caring for those with Dementia related diseases. Respite for these caregivers is essential. Not many charities or foundations offer respite, dementia spotlight is not only providing free education to our facilities and communities, but free respite to family caregivers.

Please help me continue to advocate for those afflicted with a dementia related disease and their caregivers.

Donate even $1 to the Dementia Spotlight Foundation so they can continue to do this vital work.

Thank you.